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I am currently accepting applications from prospective graduate students. Students should apply for the Department of Anthropology's M.A. program or the Environmental & Life Sciences (EnLS) graduate program (M.Sc. or Ph.D.). It is crucial that you contact me first and discuss potential ideas for projects before applying to the graduate program in advance of the application deadline. The deadline to apply for a graduate program is typically January or February 1, but the Trent Graduate Studies website should be consulted.

I have a number of defined projects for students to work on within the thematic areas listed under the "Research" tabs at the top of this page. I am open to students developing their own projects if they fit within these larger thematic areas. 

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Students interested in completing an undergraduate thesis (ANTH 4020D) must contact me and then apply through the Anthropology Department. Students must possess a cumulative grade point average of 85% or higher to be considered for an undergraduate thesis project completed under my supervision. Enrolment is extremely limited and preference will be given to students interested in graduate studies in archaeological science.

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