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L-R: Alexis Rausch (MSc Student), Rachel Dickenson (MSc Student), Jennifer Routledge (PhD Candidate), Julia McCuaig (MSc Student), Alex Derian (PhD Student), Hazel McMillan (BSc Student), Janelle Pridoehl (BSc Student), Ryan Pawlowski (MSc Student), Moses Akogun (Visiting PhD Student), Dashiell Ives (BA Student), Joy (Mascot), Paul Szpak (Principal Investigator), Matt Teeter (Postdoctoral Fellow), Kate Dougherty (PhD Candidate), Olivia Hall (MSc Student).

Not Pictured: Nuri Aydemir (PhD Student)

2023-24 group photo Gzowski IMG_2807.jpg


Back Row, L-R: Matt Teeter (Postdoctoral Fellow), Jenna Milner (BSc Student), Nicole Hultquist (MSc Student), Julia McCuaig (MSc Student), Jennifer Routledge (PhD Student), Alex Derian (PhD Student), Paul Szpak (PI).

Front Row, L-R: Olivia Hall (MSc Student), Anahi Maturana (MSc Student), Alexis Rausch (MSc Student), Brooke Driscoll (MA Student), Mariah Miller (MSc Student). 

Not Pictured: Kate Dougherty (PhD Student).

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L-R: Paul Szpak (PI), Joy (Mascot), Matt Teeter (Postdoctoral Fellow), Kate Dougherty (PhD Student), Adrian Gonzalez (MSc Student), Jennifer Routledge (PhD Student), Nicole Hultquist (MSc Student), Mariah Miller (MSc Student), Julia McCuaig (BSc Student), Madison Curran (BSc Student), Melissa Merchant (BSc Student), Anahi Maturana (MSc Student), Brooke Driscoll (MSc Student), Olivia Hall (BSc Student)

Lab Group Fal 2021IMG_9872 cropped.jpg


Clockwise from Bottom Left: Tess Wilson (BSc Student), Jennifer Routledge (PhD Student), Matt Teeter (Postdoctoral Fellow), Paul Szpak (PI), Julia McCuaig (Research Assistant), Tessa Grogan (MSc Student), Kate Dougherty (PhD Student). 

Not Pictured: Adrian Gonzalez (MSc Student), Delaney Parent (BSc Student).  

July 2021 Outdoor Lab Meeting IMG_8799.JPG


L-R: Paul Szpak (PI), Michael Scott (MA Student), Matt Teeter (Postdoctoral Fellow), Corrie Hyland (MA Student), Eric Guiry (Banting Postdoctoral Fellow), Jennifer Routledge (MA Student), Tessa Grogan (MA Student), Alex Vendetti (MA Student).

Not pictured: Kate Dougherty (PhD Student)



L-R: Jennifer Routledge (MA Student), Michael Scott (MA Student), Paul Szpak (PI), Kate Dougherty (PhD Student), Corrie Hyland (MA Student). 

Not Pictured: Eric Guiry (Banting Postdoctoral Fellow), Melissa Mertsis (BSc Student). 



L-R: Corrie Hyland (BSc Student), Paul Szpak (PI).

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